Residential Clean

Here at Intelligent Window Cleaning we employ a four step cleaning process that is considerably different, as well as more thorough than other window washing companies.  First we use our super soft Ettore mops and an environmentally friendly soap to wet the entire pane of glass. Next we’ll pull out razors and meticulously clean the surface of the glass removing everything from bird droppings and dirt to subtle stains caused by sunlight. Next we will wet, and soap up the glass again, and then we’ll finish the process up with a squeegee wipe of the entire surface, ensuring there will be no water or streaks. Finally for good measure we spot check the glass, followed by a wipe down of all sills and ledges.

For those who might have gotten a cold shiver down their backs at the mention of razor blades touching your windows, we use blades that are specifically made for glass, ensuring there is no chance of scratching. In the event that we’re unable to use the blades, we have steel wool, which achieves the same results, with no risk of damage.

We feel like it’s a pretty good bet that Michelangelo is looking down upon us, and our attention to detail with a smile.