Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are a considerable investment, and when they get dirty their effectiveness can be reduced up to 30 percent, which as you know is money out of your pocket. Just like windows, solar panels are going to get dirty, and generally due to the fact that they are often times installed at slightly horizontal angles, can tend to get even more so.

All of the methods used by Intelligent Window Cleaning are safe and effective to ensure your PV panels are happy, because when they are, our clients are and when our clients are, we are.

So basically we’re just looking out for our own happiness. To ensure the previously mentioned happiness, we use some high karate, that if you’d care to know about, then read on.

To clean the panels we use a water fed pole system and Solar Maid PV cleaning solution. Solar Maid PV cleaning solution is a non-abrasive, alcohol based cleaner that provides a perfect streak free finish. It also contains UV attracting compounds that work on an atomic level to help increase the panel’s power.

So not only is a clean solar panel going to work more efficiently, but the cleaning solution we use actually increases its capabilities as well.

We think that’s pretty cool.