Rainy Season

The common misconception is that window cleaning is a luxury, when in all actuality it is as necessary as mowing the lawn, taking a shower, or brushing your teeth, the latter two of which we are very disciplined about. After all, we’re talking about maintenance here. As the winter months loom over our dear country, there is one common condition we all have to deal with and that is the ELEMENTS. I.E. Rain, Snow, Fog, Sleet, or our favorite, the wintry mix (which as Mark Twain noted, is a San Francisco summer). Wherever you live during the winter months, you can expect one of these little darlings to occur.

So the question that we know you’re asking yourself is, “Why get your windows cleaned if they’re just going to get dirty again?” Believe it or not, there is a method to our madness. You see, the winter months are the hardest on your glass due to the naturally occurring moisture in the air. What that moisture does is magnify the UV rays that hit your windows or solar panels. Think of every little drop of water as a mini lazar beam headed right at your glass, which in essence is exactly what they are. With every one of these lazar beams, there occurs deterioration, and it can take a very short amount of time to begin seeing these signs. This signifies that your glass is failing and that is a bad thing indeed.

You might also be wondering if these elements bring dirt with them, and the answer is yes, but without existing particles (or, if you will, the ‘schmutz’) already on the glass, the dirt that these elements bring with them has nothing to stick to and basically just sheets of the glass.

Basically what glass is, is a solid liquid made of sand. What you will begin to notice with every storm that occurs, post cleaning, is they will remain free of the aforementioned schmutz, and because we’ve removed all of the pre-existing dirt, the new elements actually sheet off the glass, keeping it cleaner, longer. In essence, washing your windows and solar panels during the winter months utilizes the storms to help keep the glass clean.

So regardless of what the elements bring, Intelligent Window Cleaning is here for you. We hope to see you during the next storm!