Who we are and why we do

Ryan and Lyle are the two power players behind Intelligent Window Cleaning. Now if you had the power to hook up with Sherman and Mr. Peabody and take a trip in the Way Back Machine to visit them as children, it’s a pretty safe bet that neither one of them would have listed window washing anywhere on their list of what they wanted to do when they grew up, but as we all know life is a crazy ride that can take you in a vast number of unexpected directions. Suffice it to say that’s exactly what happened with these two.

Originally meeting in Colorado, they became fast friends and spent a majority of their time riding bikes and snowboarding. Eventually they parted ways as Lyle moved to the Bay Area, all but losing touch with Ryan. Months later in a truly serendipitous turn of events, they once again accidentally bumped into one another in the streets of San Francisco.

There the seeds were planted to get their show on the road and launch this idea that had been rattling around in their heads. “Yeah, but why window washing?” you might be asking.

Because believe it or not, we love it. We not only love the processes, but the clients that we have so fortunately been able to amass in our time at the helm here at Intelligent Window Cleaning..

Washing windows may not have been a profession to strive for when we were kids and everybody was going to grow up to be an astronaut, Batman, or a rodeo clown, but looking back at the last few years, we can say without pause that we wouldn’t have things any other way.