Welcome to Our New Site!

Hello everyone, this is our very first blog on our very new website. We really wanna give a huge shout out to all of our existing clientele, for they are the biggest reason we are where we are. Also I’d like to thank Evan from Mission Workshop for his creating this site, as well as, everyone at Mission Workshop for their loving guidance. So here we go, first blog. Today was like any other day in San Francisco, the fog was out the rain was looming and the windows were dirty. So we were just going about our normal day when we entered a bedroom to clean a new client’s windows when we sensed ourselves in the midst of something or someone special. Then it happened, they appeared covering the entire wall leading in just beyond the bedroom door, a collection of old show bills you know rock show fliers. On each of these fliers read other band names and then Two Gallants, now we didn’t think too much of this at first and then as we continued on we realized there was a very rock and roll feel to this room. So finally after putting two and two together, I just couldn’t take it any longer I had to ask. So I asked the only person I could, the house keeper, I said, “Hello by chance is the occupant of that front room in the band Two Gallants?” and she replied in a very pleasant tone, “Yes her (our client’s) son is the lead singer.” Awesome, is all I could think and say for I am a fan of this local band. So thank you Two Gallants for your music it’s great to clean windows too, and thank you again everyone for your support. Til next time enjoy the photos!


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